Friday, 22 August 2014

We Together as One

Finally you're home
finally we could meet up
finally the time that have been waiting has come
just to see of one another

but this time is not like usual
not anymore..

you're back with no breathing at all
so hard to accept and embrace
eventually have to
but forgetting you is never happened
together our bittersweet and walk of life

always be there on my ups and downs
even no matter what
blowing the spirit, calm words and things suppose to do
whereas other are neglecting and flinching

All of all, you're back home
just living in another world
and yet i'll be joining you sooner

just wait ya!

note: empathy of the only one daughter losing her beloved single mother

May they be blessed and showered by Allah's rahmat and love forever.
The whole nation are sharing the sorrow
The whole nation pray for MH17