Thursday, 30 January 2014

The clone of Ebby Yus (Part 1)

Assalamua'laikum and hello

Warning: a long entry which will drag you to the middle of sea perhaps

erm... without beating around the bush,
let me just make it easy and simple
About Him
is about a human being which is definitely a guy
who actually be my facilitator 
yeah he's very good in academic
if not, he would not simply appointed as a faci right

bukan sembarangan pihak organisasi jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar(jpp) pilih
i thought and analysed it
seriously, who have been selected were fall into 'excel person'
that obtained the A solid for each subject
so, no wonder ;)

okay, i was totally had no idea what on earth this PASS (peer assisted study) is
until i made the first meeting with him
basically,supposedly there must be 5folks per group including him
to make the story, me was the one and only that came on that day
oh maiiiii

nervous, plus i even don't know who is it
luckily, the session was going well and smoothly

he even brought his roomate which i thought that the guy who sat next to him 
was one of the member of the group
"asal pandai sangat mamak ni ??"
eh, mamat ...which very good in explaining from A to Z about maths and chemistry
terkesima jap

know what, since i step in the college, i've never ever met malay guys that really good in 
(maybe there were a lot but i didn't know and befriend with em )

yelah, entah dari celah mana datang, muka macam scary je
memang takk la i nak open the conversation
but, what i can say about this faci is he is okay
in terms of explaining, teaching etc

rasa semangat membara bangkit dalam diri 
ingin berjuang habis-habisan gituu

(sorry, malam ni kasi rojak sebab lama x mkn rojak ^^)

sampaikan selalu ckp "ishhh bilalah the next meeting PASS ni "
ehhh! don't get me wrong hokayy
don't worry he's no soo good looking
biasa ajoo
ala2 Ebby yus in the karoot komedia 

the one with blue shirt (frm my imagination) 

so, by the 2nd metting or discussion with this clone of ebby yus, finnaly i've got a new friend
also from the same state as me
a girl
oh! before i went to the venue of discussion, i was so determined to have his number
again, don't get me wrong
senanglah nak contact if ada apa2 nak minta tolong
well, fyi...among the friends that i've knew tak kisahlah yang too excel or just in the moderate class
basically they are likely pandai untuk diri sendiri
yeah i don't blame them for not able to teach me until the last breathe
hoho melampau tuu 'last breathe'
means, it just can be counted those can teach me or person that i can rely on

It was not the same as lecturers as with them they are older than us, so kena ada respect, nak gurau 
bercanda pun kena ada limit-nye
but, with people same age with us, it's more free, comfortable 
not saying that lecturers are all strict, dont know how to be funny and joking 
can you get me?

after the second 'dating' nope the meeting.. i've made a special request later on
wanna know what happened ?
catch up on next entry