Thursday, 30 January 2014

If you notice...

Assalamua'laikum...heyylo everybody :)
how are you doing?
i bet that most of us must be on leave or are on holiday mode
since the Chinese New Year (CNY) is really very around the corner
for your information, this year was the year of horse
which portray the significance of strength and gold (kekayaan)
just for some extra info okay!

well, right now i just can describe my feeling like 
"oh!! there's no best place called home"
mehehehe.. (i'm home for 11days yeayy!)
thought can't put into words that feeling
so, just buat faham2 je okay

alright, don't you noticed something to this blog?
uhuk uhuk.. 
guest guest guest!
it's sooo obvious okay,
ahaa! the blog theme have been changed :)))
from red---->blue + sparks of stars
i love it..aha aha i like it 
basically, it was like the new theme sempena new year 
give the new breathe, more benefit writings
the improved contents insyaa Allah
although sometimes so nonsense (merepek)
well, at least i'm trying my best to work it out right???

Oh i owe something which i promise to write about him right
of course i remember ^.^
ermm, stay tuned!

#kan cuti.. bolehlah sambung merepek-rapu di sini.. sabaq naa