Sunday, 12 January 2014

WE never knew until we figure it out

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!

okay, well this morning around 10am to 12pm
i went for a program called Peer Assisted Study (PASS)
very special program just for special person
ihiks XD
it was  a group study which we will lead by a facilitator 
mine was absolutely didn't know where on earth he is
but later on i made friends with the guy
he was brilliant, excellent and awesome
so far.
actually there were suppose another 4 person in the group
perhaps they don't know about this thing 
so, just me was there
thought that the boy sat next to my facilitator was also one of the member
but was his friend
i have taught by two person at the same time
hehe (don't be so happy lah!)
frankly speaking, i like both of them teach me
very understand
and they are very qualified to be the facilitator 
we discussed maths and chemistry
after i had my lunch, i called my mom
told about it
mom teased me "is he handsome? if it so, then the more you catch up! hehe"
what the ... 
and honestly, he is not so good looking but he can actually fall in the moderate good looking one
meoow ~
well, i dont know what is going happen in the next episode of this PASS
hopefully will undergo smoothly 
in shaa Allah
coz he said that we will have 10 more meeting ahead 
ok bye.

don't worry..his face is not like this haha  XD