Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Very Special Entry if you Read

Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody!
 Say hello to 2014!!! 

Well, there were a lot bittersweet throughout the year of 2013
that's typical as a human being living in this world
must be happy and sad
but happy happy also..
please do remember that we are getting older and older
the number of our age will be up to 1
if me was 18 in 2013 then i'll be turned up to 19 the next year
and know what?
we are closer to death
(not intend to scare you all)
however, there was a verse in Quran said that
every living things will die someday
so, i remembering myself especially 
to enhance my good deeds
my behavior or attitudes 
or perhaps to reach my goal 
you know, move on to another better life
instead keep going with same condition
hello! be spirit plz

The life hereafter will be the permanent one 
and there's no worth if we just only keep chasing things in this definitely temporary world
got it?
well, think wisely okay!
Love xoxo 

may Allah ease everything for all my dear readers
to one who is still single, i pray that you will be married soon!
to one who is studying, all the best!
to my mom, i love you forever ever ever and ever XD