Sunday, 29 December 2013

From me To You

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps!
how are you? 
first of all, a big apologize for not update everyday 
well, i had said that i will try to do that as possible as i can
you just the TIME

okay, hum.. what i wanna write about tonight?
let me share about my life event lah okay?
about what i did when i went home last friday
okay,firstly of course i had dinner with my missed mom
she cooked for me
fried fish coz i had not eat fish for 5 weeks ok
got it?
everyday was fried chicken at my college
so bored
though my face already turned like the chicken i ate

the next day we both make our day by doing something
it was went to computer shop just want to connect
my laptop with the charger or called adaper(just knew its other name)
i forgot my lappy charger at college
and just want to make things easier 
i want to photocopy my biology lecture note for my practicum
from my hometown 
haha the funny was the sales boy was really entertaining me as the customer
like i really wanna buy the adapter
then when my lappy was connected to that adapter
i copy the biology note into pendrive
then shut down it
walked away from that shop just like that
of course i said "oh okay.. thank you"
imagine while i transfer the stuff in pendrive, i pretending asked about
the price of that adapter
" this original?"
"no it's local,RM 70 but we have the original one also"
when me and mom recalled of that incidence we laughed so madly 
then, made my way to my village to take kerepek
and met my sweetheart Qaseh ^^

after that, we went to Domino Pizza haha
for what?
eat lah!
then did some shopping 
and on the night mom cooked for me fried chicken
again haha
well, where am i right now?
tadaa! im in the college
seems like me and other friends have to celebrate new year in this 
so wonderful college
errr haha
never mind.. you can Munirah!
Go go go!!!!!!
just within few months to go
be strong

bye2 and have a nice Monday tomorrow  XD