Wednesday, 4 December 2013

You are the reason why i'm here

Assalamualaikum and hello
the rainy season have came for this year
non stop from yesterday
please pray for people in Pahang especially in Kuantan that suffering from heavy flood
expect the unexpected
well, it such a blessing when raining is falling down the earth
it enough and i don't need winter to replace the raining 
but i would like to feel the moment of winter someday XD
once in a life time in overseas
so, that's about weather now in Malaysia basically

Oh my goodness! why i keep thinking of my sweet hometown?
my beloved mom?
uh.. i miss her so muchhh!
even talk and hear to her everyday on the phone
i wanna hug my mommy
i wanna kiss her
i wanna laughed face to face with her
be her driver
instead of that,
i have to be here
in this so 'exciting' college to gain knowledge
i know i takes effort and patience to go through all these thingy
i know Allah the most merciful is with me all the time to protect me and you mom
may you are always in the bless of Him and showered with his blessing
nite mom xoxo
till death do us part