Monday, 2 December 2013

I'm Not Happy Just because I don't Have Girlfriend/Bf

Assalamua'laikum and hello, 
happy Monday XD
hopefully each and everyone who read this would always be happy in this wonderful life

Nevertheless, it is quite funny and terrible if someone probably said
"as for me i still didn't feel happy because i don't have girlfriend(gf) or boyfriend(bf)"
i was shocked for awhile of this statement..
and i asked one of my friend's opinion regarding this,
she directly said "what a conservative-minded that statement was?!"

Happy or in another word being contented is really subjective 
cover for a wide range from various aspects
happy could be when you have good and kind friends around you
even friends will come first when you are in trouble compared to bf or gf
come on.. please open up your mind
don't be narrow-minded 

I still can't forget my ustaz(teacher) in my high school said
i was just 16 that time, going to sit for PMR 
He reminded us to seek knowledge everywhere we are
it's very important than seek love in people,means fall in love or in puppy love
Love will automatically come to you by itself
but knowledge didn't
bear in mind
we have to seek it.. learn and so on
so, back to the main point.. is it will make you unhappy if you don't have any bf or gf in your life
i mean currently.. while you busy focusing on study, preparation of exams etc
ask and answer yourself
doesn't we feel blessed of what we ever had right now?
doesn't we feel that what we had right now is not enough?
muhasabah (review) back please..
i'm writing this especially for myself that will always being forgetful 
which is need to be reminded

Please do think back what is the main factor that made you happy and live contented 

Have a nice Monday! XD