Saturday, 7 December 2013


Assalamua'laikum and hello!
happy barakah Jumaat everybody 
before i further my writing over here, please do pray for flood victims
in my hometown the water had reached onto the road from the Pahang River

Okay, this entry i make special tribute for someone special
hum.. eager to know who?
well, let me share some stories first
She's just like my second mother 
really nice, caring, clever and what so ever
It still fresh in my mind when the first time i met her 
she said that she is our new class teacher for 4 Sains Hayat that will teach for Chemistry
pheww! i was shocked because as for me the Chemistry teacher that we already had was good enough
a little bit disappointed but we didn't have the choice
At first, when the first lab session with her she said that her ex-students in previous school were crying 
just because she shifted to our school
oh ya, she's a new teacher in my school from St.John School in Kuantan
came back to her own house over here

To be honest, i was a bit scared and nervous of her perhaps of the way of she is that time
her firmness perhaps
and that year, i was the class assistant so basically i had to give attendance of the class to her everyday
Well, things seems went smoothly and just okay
Day after day we all knew her better and she was an easygoing person with her students
yeah sporting enough
until one day, the day of test for me at that time
i was sick
from bad to worse which  i mean that time was my fresh year just entered form 4
the subjects were quite tough and not easy to catch up at first
not used with all the chemistry's formula and things like that
it was like big messy to me
just went to school.. nothing i can do but sleep and didn't do all the homework given
didn't care what what teachers will say even scold
My mom went to see my class teacher for the first time and told her what's my problem
thanks she could understand me and didn't push me in the class
really, i have no idea what i'm suffering from that time
(will make a special entry regarding this later)
Of course she was so worried of me because i'm far left of the syllabus of the subject taught
even though my body was in the class but my mind and soul were not there
really impressive with her patience towards me
guess what, i  refused to write whatever should i write during the lesson
haha and that was made her so frustrated

A few months later on, i was better and doing good
all my friends had learned chemistry completely and able to catch up the tough subject (to me)
however me is still in Malaysia whilst they were already in London
can you all see the difference ?
i just redha.. but not gave up since this very kind lady offered herself to teach me one to one
of what i had missed of the subject
she asked me to go to her house to make easy to teach me
What a small world when her oldest son was actually my old classmate since primary school
it is Adli the Ciki boom
Truly, i went to her house for many times besides i was also stayed at her house since my mom was having her class in Mahsa so, this is the chance for her to teach me
how diligent and pure her heart i saw from the way she treats me until brought me to the house,
gave me the dinner,lunch and all my requirements as the guest
see.. how much of  teachers might be able to do as she did to me?
once in a blue moon right?
totally i really salute this noble woman

Not only that, you know that i'm not only missed Chemistry subject but Addmath, Biology, Physics especially since they were new things to me
such a crazy people when trying to catch up back all of these
feel like wanna faint like this @@ hehe
only the god knew what i felt that time, by the way it is not my request to ask for the sickness
so ,by hook or by crook i have to accept it with an opened heart
and for sure of the issue of sympathy he persuaded her husband to teach me addmath
kakakaka! what a nice teacher her husband is XD
the way he taught me really really gave a big difference compared to my addmath teacher in school
he is smooth person with patience and cool man!
sporting and supportive
aww so sweet both of them husband and wife

As this kind teacher had the youngest daughter which is Adli's lil sis, i and her(acik) made  friend
even with the second one(angah) i knew,
we laughed,played, ate and teased each other
no wonder the children were good in education as their mother was really good and kind to the students
there is saying goes that when ones make good deed, till forever his good deed even small one will be
uh! really touching :')
they treat me like their own family and hence made me no awkward at all

Moreover, last year which i also stayed with her and my sickness still came back
she's the one who took care on me
sent me to the school even though she is not going to school on that day because
her father in-law passed away
besides, she also prepared me the breakfast which got nugget, fingers and so on
and during the day when i finished my school, her husband fetched me while she was cooking at the house
proud of you teacher

she's funny and easygoing ^^

To make it end, i would like to take this opportunity to say
gazillion thanks to
from the bottom of my heart
may you be blessed and loved by Him the almighty for whatever kindness you did
only He can repay for all these
teacher, you are in a million . . .
i love you
okay, cant bear the tears anymore
have a nice weekend peeps!

our bitter sweet memory hihi,