Thursday, 5 December 2013

Experience of falling in love

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!

the topic.. urmmm sounds interesting right
hehee peace XD
well, perhaps what i'm going to share tonight is not really intriguing some of you
but at least i try
Honestly, yes
true that i had fell in love!
yes! definitely 
how clever you all guest it

oh come on, i'm also a normal human being, a homo sapien species 
indeed i also have some kind of feeling which need to be loved and loving
like other people around me who are very thirsty the value of love
even animals like cats, hamsters, elephants etc need love
we all need love love love love
okay, back to my experience
there was once very long time ago which me at standard 1 that time
haha so funny when recalled back this
ehem! hehe it was during recess time and i was wandering from the canteen to my classroom
there was a cute charming boy (to me at that particular moment) walked around there 
he was going up to his classroom thought
and that is the very first time i saw a cute and handsome boy ever in my life
then, too impressed withe his cuteness..i followed him up the stairs
thought he didn't notice pheww
walked up the stairs while brought a Tupperware and water bottle hehe
to me he was so cute yet charming
and on someday, i thought he had noticed being followed by me
he then walked very fast and lost just like that
lol it's so funny to remember back the old school memory
Finally we were in the same class during standard 2 and that time i'm not so impressed of him anymore
don't know don't care

during kids time, i don't know what is love
all i know is i love my mom XD
then grew up to adolescence and became a teenager
knew and learn what is actually love
more and more understand better the meaning of love 
love is so subjective 
love is hard
love is complicated
love not only for boyfriend
love cover for various and numerous aspects
i learned the value of love so highly
it's from my mom, she taught me of love
she is the first person who taught me
when she made me came to this wonderful world
from love between my father which produced me 
biology students will surely know about this process XD

humm.. actually there's huge different between like and love
suka atau cinta
both are kind of feeling but yet still stand for different meaning
got it?

And now, what i knew is that i'm still in love
madly in loveee
with him
yesss him
He is my strength,my place to share and ask favor and he is my everything  ^^
i love him damn so much always and forever till my last breathe
everywhere i go he must be there to accompany me
i never alone..
 and me and you perhaps and the most probably love for the same 
indeed he is for all
he is Allah the almightly
the one and only god that we worshiped 

that's my love experience