Sunday, 15 December 2013

My weekend story

Assalamu'alaikum and hello everybody!
how's your weekend?
yesterday i had a visitor visited me 
of course my beloved mom!
oh.. she bought me pizza and fish n chips on the way to college
marvelous XD
in the early morning, me and Thirah the fatty went jogging around the college
well, it's just weekend 
come on! time to break with the stress 
my mom arrived around 11am some thing like that
and we ate for lunch together at the cafe
then, spent a moment in the car chit and chat
then, she headed back to Pahang almost 2pm
me started my homework like did the report etc
while watched hisdustan on tv3 at the tv room
Saif Ali Khan was the hero
and Rani Mukherji is the heroin
and yesterday evening has rain cat and dog
i ate the big box pizz with my room mates happily 
at night me, mira and mun went to surau
then, again me watching tv of Pesona Ayah and the main actor was 
the charming Shah Iskandar
finally i went up to my room and continue watching movie with my wing-mates 
until i fall asleep and went to my own bed at 1.50am