Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Grateful Day

Assalamua'laikum and hello
to the active and silent reader of this blog
welcome! welcome! 
erm, know what.. it takes a really long time to open this thing
just because of the damn my so 'sweet' mr.broadband was
so providing 'fast and furious'of the line
since evening i tried to open up this page 
and this time enable and success to do it

well, actually i have some things to share at this blog but thought the mood of 
crazy writing is gone with the wind
perhaps on the upcoming entry okay

alhamdulillah i've got my semester 1 result today
Allahu akhbar
i'm so happy and relieve that i passed the examination
and just left a few months starting from now for me to stay over here
hopefully i can perform better on this last semester
pray for me !
to all of you i will always pray for your success and happiness 
even we do not know each other
may all my dear readers are in the bless of Allah the almighty 
Live Love Laugh 
the Life