Saturday, 14 December 2013

Entry of The Day

Assalamua'laikum and hello my dear readers 
which i love so much
insyaAllah lillah ta'ala
so, my day can be said quite hectic lately 
well it's normal to finish the presentation, group and individual
the lab report etc
however, i still can have a walking or recreational activity
like on recent Thursday which was yesterday,
me and Thirah the fatty went to the gym in our college 
oh ya we also went together with Syahirah and Min min 
Min min is Syahirah's room mate and oh my godness
she is so nice friend ^^
After for a while at the gym, we had a cycle around our hostel 
then, we played badminton in the hall (Dewan Utama)
bumped into Raja and Wada 
next, we played the skipping
sweaty enoughhh
never felt such sweaty like taking a bath
really felt healthy
i don't know why the spirit of exercise come back again

with le friends wada,raja (king) and Thirah
perhaps i've been missing it for a long time 
around 6.45pm me and Thirah had the free plain water at the cafe near the hall
then heading back to our room to get ready for surau
for your information, it is a compulsory to all of the students of the college to go to the surau (such a mosque but a bit small than that)
at the moment was a heavy raining
feels like oh! errr what the test ~
however, as we all were a good and obedient students we went over there
went through the rain with our small yet cute umbrella
for the sake of Allah
how interesting the night was at the surau which they invited an outsider people
to give the talk or speech
she is the ustazah of high school thought
just a cute and small person yet have a very constant and high pitch of voice tone
seriously it was so amazing to be heard of the talk
entitled COUPLE :)
the talk was quite long compared to other talk like previously 
but this is the best so for me 
after performed isyak prayer, me went back to room
and then Thirah came to finish our english research project
waloe weyh, we end up that things around 1am something
alright for today, i also had a play with my room mate, mira 
we played tennis(uh the toughest game worlwide as for me )
we not play the game tennis but chasing the tennis ball T.T
and guess what? i managed to go to surau as i really want to join the 
Geng Surau Legasi II which is will be held the 1st opening of USRAH
how i really intriguing to meet and see Ummul which is one of the naqibah of the usrah
luckily mira was okay to join along
MasyaAllah! the gathering was so awesome and hopefully i enable to join it next week
so, happy weekend!
tomorrow i have visitors will come to see me
see ya!