Saturday, 21 December 2013

Funny promoter that promoting

Assalamu'alaikum and hello!
phew! feels like not update new entry a year
it's undeniable that when we've been a college student
are actually havoc
especially this is the last semester so it requires more effort,
more hard working, more patience and almost all
got it?
but in the moment of hectic with the class here and there
i found something fun in one of the class session
English class.
i love it so much (so far)
since i live for 18 years old, i've never ever feel it is a boring subject
well, depends on the teacher if he is ok or not
lucky if you get the sporting,crazy and happening all out
Starting this week, my practicum have started a task given by our lecturer
we must do in pair and the things we are going to do is
the buddies of boys over flower
my turn is the 10th, and now just 8th group
of course next week on Thursday
but i'm soooo happy to lend my hand to my other buddies 
even they are not my partner 
me was invited to act for the group as an extra
for the 1st time, i was a host for Bella Talk Show 
discussing about pet cares and 2nd, just shouting "Waaaaste Foooood"
simple right?
haha when i think back, my own script had not done completely and no practice yet
we still have the
for Adila and Nabila's group which was the 2nd, 
i can say WOW coz their promotion was really happening
they made promotion of BATIK
Nabila really work on it until she went to KL on Saturday to her uncle's house
for the sake of batik..  selena gomez would do anything 
the cutie Wada interested in batik
just to take the batik and the tools like brushes,water color etc
and she face the music when she spent the night over in KL
blocked matric card

pray for me okay for the upcoming promotion!
i pray to all my dear readers who read this are always in the 
best of health and happy 'sokmo'