Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mingle and Strolling Day

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!
how you doing? do you have a great weekend?
well, today i want to share something that i did for today
okay, let we start it with me woke up at 7.08am 
washed my face and brushed my teeth and got ready for jog with my buddy Athirah 
which i called 'Gemok' (fat) XD
we set it yesterday and this girl wanna to lose weight, that was her said vahvah 
so we made it today and wandering around the college
Subhanallah! the early morning's atmosphere was so amazing and beautiful 
indeed, it so exciting !

we jogged, we walked and chatting
then bumped into my old friend in primary school, Rabiatul
so the three of us jogged in the college area while take a fresh air of the day
after one and half hour something like that, we were covered by sweat and 
settle down to have weekend breakfast at the cafe
umm perfecto..
after that, me, Athirah the fatty, Wada and Nabilah went outing to Masjid Tanah
actually i really lazy to the max didn't want to go outing because of lazy 
i mean, now the weather is unpredictable but alhamdulillah it was a sunny day
the reason we went overthere just because wanna buy the materials for our innovation project
so, don't want to delay and make the things easier have to go 
i could say that it was a great experience to have a stroll with our besties
and this is our first outing together in term of classmates 
we had our lunch at Ayamas and the owner was so friendly
he even gave us extra rice without any single cent charge, kind eh?
finally we went back to hostel by cute bus hehe
just pay one dollar to have the ride XD
huh! such a tiring day yet we were happy to have an outing

                                                         #my first outing for semester 2 hehe