Sunday, 8 December 2013

Feeling moment

Assalamua'laikum and hello!
heard that the flood was going to be okay
better.. alhamdulillah
Ish.. hum..
how start off? 
Okay, well this post is just more to my heart expression
what i feel now is

1. Nervous and scared of the RED letter Day on this Tuesday (sem 1 result being  revealed) 

2. Missing someone hehew - my mom lah! i want to hug and kiss her, eat and be her driver 

3. Also missing someone- krikk krokk XD these people are my .....
urm, my 'cik su yati' who stayed in Kelantan.. you know klate? (try say it in Kelantan version)
i really have no idea why she didn't picked up her phone huh! 
morover,my aunt Harvindar in Penang.. i wished her happy birthday on 25th Nov and she was super duper
happy that i remember the date and told how really happy she is if i could be with at the moment
both were my best friend hehe, they just like my own aunt 
and i love em ! 

4. Kindly excited to drive but since i'm in college, so no chance for me
oh! the day to go home is still lo_________ng 
it's on this 27th Dec 

5. I totally miss to have a great vacation with la familia!
we had never had a vacation for long time
yaa i'm sure about's because of some things and stuffs need to be settled down 
and seems like on our top priority 
so, hopefully we all could have a super duper great vacation perhaps after me finishing this semester

on top of that, please i beg  your pray for me for the result
please pray so that i'll pass with flying colors 
who knows if one of your pray will be answered by Him 
okay, sayonara!