Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Live The Life Happily

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps

Life is not always being happy
sometimes there is must be sadness and tears
that's normal
life also have its ups and down's normal
life is just like a wheel
ups and down alternately 
we all the human or in scientific is homo sapien face the same thing
me neither
i can't deny that my life was not  always happening constantly 
of course there were misery and tears 
and the same things goes to you right?
you lah! the one who read this
Is there anyone who ever felt that he is fade up of life?
and don't want to live the life anymore
hoho this is a serious case
and i suggest you to refer the specialist know what i mean?
yeah i really mean it
just a joke man!
look, when you stress the more the stress hormone will be secreted in the body
and if you are happy, hormone endorphin will increases
and that's mean your mood is good 
there is saying that if a person is always stress or easy to angry, he or she might be older
than the real age 
whoaps! i bet you all don't want right..
so, don't be stress stress in this life
remember, 'la tahzan' or don't be sad, Allah is always be by your side
if you remember Him, He will always remember you indeed
everyone has stress and things like that
encounter it nicely
or you might be suffer from it if you not able to manage it wisely
don't follow your emotion too much okay
as this is such a reminder for me myself
ok bye!
love you