Saturday, 4 January 2014

The unexpected Day

Assalamua'laikum and heyloo !
how are guys?
well, today i went to Johor Matriculation College
which was in Tangkak
just for the Carnival of Science and Innovation held by the college
mine is going to conduct on February in shaa Allah
so, it was actually a last minute announcement about this 
but my pleasure to have this chance 
to go and have fun yet feel the precious moment of the activity
and the best part was about the special guest 
that was Mejar Dr.Faiz Khaleed !!!

a very educated person and friendly
me insist to snap photo with him 
and i was telling my friend Wada that 
"we're not going  to let him go until he snap pic with us ok! hheehe"
yup..we waited him at the front of the main entrance 
wow the crowded ruin the plan little bit
however still we succeed! hehhe alhamdulillah
just for 'kenang-kenagan'
then, met my Kak Gee (my mom's cousin)
she still the same like this before, nothing change
what the pic! haha candid zzzzz

Frankly speaking im happy to see her !
okay bye!