Friday, 7 February 2014

A saved the date with HER

Assalamua'alaikum and hello you all !
how you hve been doing??
hope everything's gonna be fine

Well actually i really miss someone
i really have no idea whyyy
hum.. maybe this person has sacrificed a lot for me
even this person really and truly don't have any relationship with me
since i'm home, i keep remembering of this person
until today that we met
having some eating in a star mall
we did story mory, talking etc 
almost 2 years we had not meet
it still fresh in my mind that this person cooks for me,
this person took care of me when my mom is not around,
like she's my second mom after my biological mother hihi
and coincidentally me were sick terribly hoho
yeahh what i can say is this person was so patient with me
this person serves me as her own daughter
provides all my need when i were with her
she's definitely one in a million
she is a responsible person
never take something for a granted
she is dedicated to her work and duty
a loving mother to 3kids
a smart person yet diligent 

just now we met released my belonging to this person

who is she?

guest  it

she is...


ex-class teacher Rohana Hussain ! : ')

cikgu, terima kasih sudi meluangkan masa dengan saya pada hari ni..
walaupun cikgu ada 'date' nak naik motor besar dengan cikgu Sazali,
tapi ckgu tetap luangkan masa utk sya..
Thanks for everything cikgu, segala pengorbanan cikgu tak mampu
saya balas, hanya Dia yang dapat balas.
Semoga ckgu dalam redha & rahmatNya..
Sayang cikgu! hehe