Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Clone of Ebby Yus (Part 2)

Assalamua'laikum and holla
i know i owe something
it's the part 2 of The Clone of Ebby Yus 
hahaha :D
okay, i said that i had asked for a special request to him right
so, yeah i've made it
and he was okay with it
so, i asked Nadia to join along
well, as i guest he brought along his loyal friend as well as roomate
they taught me and nadia maths
good,bravo,wow,impressive etc
they were understanding when i understand of what have been taught or not
it's my face expression!!!
its the normal of me when someone explaining, there will be wrinkle at my forehead 
and i will nod to show that i got the point
when i dont get it, it's automatically my face turn blurr and be like a errrrrrrr
so, hahah they noticed that
then, a day before midsem examination 
again i asked him to teach chemistry 
but straight to the point, the session that i go through was not
kind smooth like before, 
no idea 
and at the moment, there was a girl came to the table 
thought was my faci's girlfriend
seems like so close and something special

hopefully his gf not get me wrong
or misunderstanding of me
i'm just want to focus on my study
not her bf
hope everything will go with ease
insyaa Allah
okay, just looking forward of the next meeting 


ebby yus with the light pink baju melayu (3rd from left)