Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Keep Calm and Don't worry lah!

Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody!
hey, just i am intriguing and exciting to 
share something insyaa Allah will benefit not only to me 
but you all as the reader as well.
okay, but before i summarize that kind of things 
please do watch this video by click at this below blue link alright
forward it to the 15th minutes the conversation scene of
Tengku Adam Kamil with an ustaz (a man that teach religion)

Really you click that link? (with raised eyebrow) hehe

okay, i just want to stress that part 
which T.Adam was so frustrated of being lost getting the love of Ariana
he also regrets of his before attitude which is so terrible and horrible
and now he has been the new of T.Adam
and like he is in misery to get back Ariana Rose
the most very stunning woman that had steal his heart
but...how very surprise and sad to know that that beautiful Rose
had engaged with someone 
oh! broken-hearted right if i am in T.Adam's shoe
and the most that attract me was what the ustaz says to T.Adam

"Seawal air mani berada dalam rahim lagi,segala-galanya
telah ditetapkan..Berapa umur kita,berapa banyak rezeki kita,berapa anak kita,
dah ditetapkan oleh Allah ta'ala.Tapi Dia bagi kita peluang jalan mana yang kita nak pilih"

Adam replies "Jadi ustaz jodoh saya pun telah ditetapkan?"

"Betul Tengku..segala telah ditetapkan oleh Allah ta'ala.Semuanya telah
tertulis di luh mahfuz. Jodoh,ajal maut, rezeki dah ditetapkan dah tertulis segala-galanya"

"So macam mana saya nak tahu jodoh saya dengan siapa?

"Jodoh itu rahsia Allah Tengku..Semua orang tak tahu siapa jodoh dia.
Kalau Tengku nak tahu,Tengku kena tanya Dia mohon petunjuk daripada Allah ta'ala."

So, what is so significant this script to me is about
the qada' and qadar that had been fixed from the very beginning of we 
be in our womb 
regarding of our destiny, sustenance or fortune, death and life
all were already prescribed by Allah the most almighty creator 
there's must be the best reason from Him to set our destiny like this and that
so, it is on us to accept it sincerely with redha..

you know, this such kind of sentences had always made me myself
felt relieved and calm
and 'everything's going be fine' always pop into the mind
so, dont so panic and worry about our 'jodoh' or destiny or 'takdir'
because He always has a better plan than we do okay (smile)

have a nice day !

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