Monday, 24 February 2014

Sobs.. nak nagis kat sini boleh?

Bismillah.. Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody
to the new visitors, a warm welcome to you : )

oh my day.. frankly speaking, too much things that beat around my head right now
i feel like
hohhhh aiyaaa!
Ya Allah! omaigod... please lend me your strength so that i can go through all these with ease
hidup pada zaman sekarang tak sama hidup pada zaman era dulu-dulu
zaman parents atuk nenek kita
well, masa tu mana hadoo teknologi canggih manggih macam sekarang ni
so they have no choice which have to read books books and books
their life are all the day with book
(correct me if i am wrong)
i mean, zaman mereka mana lah advanced compared to nowadays 
dengan ipad, tab, all sorts of gadgets you just say 
pap! all you can get at the pasaran

and no wonders, zaman sekarang tak seperti zaman dahulu
dimana tahap kestresan penduduk di Malaysia especially students (a point of view from a students like me)
semakin tinggi dan berada yang mungkin pada kiranya berada pada
tahap yang membimbangkan
i had read this matter in newspaper long time ago   
the whole big page the writer wrote about this issue and maybe 
we are realized or not regarding this things
seriously really scary.. 
yes i admit that living in this modern and globalization world have it pros and cons
as long as we are able to handle or manage rightly 
aku juga tidak pernah terlepas daripada diuji dengan rasa stress and tekanan
especially when talk about study
with the tough subjects, yeah i am just an ordinary students no more or less
that's it
and i am still waras to think which one should i do and other than that when stress come to me
yet, i am a normal person which have and full of emotions
sometimes i cannot bear with stress, and that moment i feel really want to give up
tak terdaya dah wehh, lantaklah and things like that
i bet you all pun begitu kan?
oh come on.. kita bukannya robot 
it's different letih otak dengan letih badan.
Look, as for me,when we tired in terms of brain, it is the tiredest okay!

yess it is no doubt that there is no short cut in attain success, we have to struggle
work hard and do it all out
insyaaAllah the success is ours 
what i'll do when i feel stress or tension is
i will whisper motivation words to myself ,smile and get rid all whatever negative thoughts
that for sure will affects our self

and haha it's funny sometimes i lost to maintain the positiveness 
lucky, i have mom to give and deliver the kata2 semangat to me
mana ade mak nak biarkan anknya lemah2 tak bsemangak ye ke idok? 
kalau ade maknye kena refer psychiatry ler gamoknye haha

well, just evening..i had skipped lectures and tutor class 
came back from the morning class at 1pm really made me dizzy
and make me down.. rasa arghh! macam mana aku nak catch up semua subject ni ??
Maths,Kimia,Sc computer and Biology bla bla bla
during the tutorial chemistry, ohmaigod the teacher asked all of us to stand up
and we can't sit as long as we didn't answer the question she gives.
i was like.. arghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luckily, i borrowed a novel and doesn't mind with it
but..i do really mind what am i going to answer quiz later on??? and the final exam????
oh the quizzes for all subjects!
bloody stupid of my head hahah
tulah siapa suruh masuk pertandigan itu ini..gejoloh! (greedy)
hey, suka hati akulah asalkan aku bahagia, which i really comfortable to do that things
because i am interested and passionate with the contest thingy

eh mau dah berjela-jela aku punya entry kali ni 
haha sorry peeps! thanks to whom yg sudi jejak kat sini
and sudi2lah click2 kat iklan kat header top ,kanan and bawah okaay,
jasamu hanya tuhan yg mampu balas,lastly please i beg your doa
pray for my success in this world and hereafter
semoga doa itu berbalik pada kalian semula amin...