Monday, 7 April 2014

Super special from Icheon Korea mhehe

Assalamua'laikum and heeelo!

*big smile*

oh i missss damn so much to write over here
nevertheless...hoho at the moment when the ideas popped out

**ting!!** --- sound effect sikit aihh hehhe

there will be clash between doing my study thingy and so on
al maklum laaa i am going to sit for the really final exam before ciaww cinn cawwww

so, apart from being passion to write anything about
to share or whatever
writing is like a kind of something that i can express my heart
truly from my bottom of heart
let just the words flow
flow and flow like water at river that will never run out
~ ~ ~ ~

doesn't matter of what is the story is all about

and yeahh it really help even relieving me to express about what i feel at the moment

(besides cry and mengadu to Him the Almighty)

like seriously --- when i say like that
means i really mean it T_T

literally kinda feel tensed as heading into the week of exam preparation

dear people, i beg your doa and prayer

may your prayers return back to you yourself

last but not least, feel free to enjoy my pic to Korea during the Spring season

wow it's soooooo amazing ! haha

*just kidding*

well it's just somewhere on this earth

called LONDANG --where my college is located

the motive is how stunning the creature of Allah right??
He is the creator
that's it

Allahu akhbar

p/s: ( x korea londang pun bolehhhh hahaha)

oh indahnya Korea.. mhehee
apemacam? style ?

ok ni tak tau nak  cakap apa..hahha (childish kott)