Wednesday, 9 April 2014

That kind of feeling~

Have you ever feel sad?
yes sad,misery or whatever the same meaning to these word?
(today..i feel that feeling)



well it's just a small even the tiniest matter


rather than i 'mengadu' or tell about it to people surrounding me
better i story over here (besides speak to Allah)
because here is my territory
remember my previous entry that i tell? --doesn't matter what the story is,just write-- 


friends, sometimes they never knew that they have hurt their own friend surrounding them
to be husnuzon which means bersangka baik or assume the good things 
just to avoid your heart from being dirty 

so that's the best to do always 


ahhh maybe they just did not on purpose
just only my instinct and feeling literally 

nevertheless, that is life is all about
there's ups and downs
happy and sad