Monday, 5 May 2014

Oh My Aunty Harvindar!

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!

tadi called my aunty Harvindar (mom's buddy)
she is a sinkh
she stays in Penang (still single but already and too grown up mhhehee)
after all that is not the point of her

what is the main part is when she keeps asking me whether i have a boyfriend or not
oh maiiii
you all don't know how annoying yet lovely the situation it is
she was like torturing or whatsoever until i tell her that i have one
(cam nak korek gali sampai bawah tanah gituu)
even in messaging too!
haa kauuu

"tell me of course you have boyfriend aaa??" with her sink+indian speaking style haha
then aku cakap "noooo aunt.. i have no one.."
still tak puas hati dengan aku
"aahh don't lie to me aaa.. don't shy with me laa i know u are beatiful bla bla bla bla bla "
macam bullet train yang laju zzappp tak mau berhenti dah ni

while on the phone, aku loudspeaker tauu
so my mom(bffffff) boleh dengar sekali

aku berderai gelak terbahak2 sama dgn my bfffffffff
then aunty Harvindar with a bit curious " why you laugh?"
"hahahahaha aunty you soooo funny you know"
"why funny? i don't find it is funny "

aku masih dengan deraian gelak cakap kat my bffff
"HAHAHAHA dia cakap cam kereta api tak nak berhenti"  XD
mak aku pun join sekali gelak
aku gelak smpai terguling2 wehhhhh hahaha

last but not least
"okay frankly i don't have any boyfriend! dah puas hati? hahaha"
"what? takkan u tak daa kot (dengan slang penang dia) u beautiful bla bla bla bla pung pang pung pang"

(sampai aku sendiri nganga apa lahh dia cakap niiii dah laju + slang cm ala2 india sink pula)

bukan tu jee.. ada lagi ...
"you always on FB ahh?? how many friend you have??? you must online chatting on night when your mum are bed right..."

alahai aunty T_T

"boyfriends tu ada ramai but yang special takde got it? don't worry i'll make sure  you will the first know who is he"

"make sure better the first than the last" sambung aunty harvindar dengan laju


"yeeee okay okayyy"

"let me speak to your mom"

"hello.. you know she got boyfriend or not aaa? i am being strict about this cause i am her aunty..if happen something to her it's easy to know what is actually happened .... "

and blablablablablabla

my mom was like COOL
yummeh mhehehe

"yesss i knowwww"

then i talked with her before we off the phone

"yeahh after all i know that u very CONCERN about me, thank you aunty ^_____^"

huh! aunty oh aunty..

you know what no matter we don't have any blood related

like seriously

you had knew me since i was in my mom's tummy
since i was born

but i really really really appreciate of your concern and everything

even we are not in the same religion, different perhaps in many things

but 1 thing that you must know that

                                                       I MISS
                                                     LOVE YOU

                                             HAHAHAHAHA (not funny okayy mheehe)

pic of 2007 during my very first time in Penang (after was born on 23rd July 1995)