Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Never Despair lah!

Assalamua'laikum and hello people!

haha well actually i really want to write more more and more over here
but since a lot of things just came out
so that's it...


just because of the word L.A.Z.Y hahaha XD
i bet that many of the bloggers are also feel the same thing as well
'gigih' nak maintain traffic blog
in fact the amateur blogger like me
the one who just write up whatever the mind speaks-- just write!
she thinks that she supposed to share + it's 'meroyan' time for her to write--just write!

whooooaaa SYIOK habess lahhh !


lately.. the feeling of misery or sad or whatever you guys called it--- just disturbing me!

what i did was-- i cry
yeahh cry alone till i felt satisfied

then ZIKIR a lot
do remember ALLAH the Almighty a lot
as much as possible
selawat to our prophet (PBUH)
say the 99  asma ul-husna-- there is special (very special) behind every the names

for example ya wadud(the most lover) -- to keep strong relationship among our beloved to avoid misunderstanding etc, it do have the count but just say it repeatedly when essential
insyaa Allah-- will be benefit

ya hakim(the most excellent)-- to have a brilliant and good brain, yeahh suitable for anyone that are struggling with study besides helping you to give a strength.

i know i am a weak servant
in fact WE
the people
the servants of Him
are weak

He burden us not to bully or just for fun
but for a REASON-- it's hikmah
sometimes we just need to be friendly reminded right peeps


have you ever heard of---La tahzan innallaha ma'na ?
it means DON'T be upset, Allah is always be with me US :)

(haa sejukk hati dengar.....)

cause what?

cause everything happened for a reason.

stress2 tengok lah gambar orang ni mhehehe

Adam.. i really meet and jimba jimbi with you honey and Awwab too
ohh Allah please let us to meet for once !