Sunday, 9 March 2014

There's must be a good reason (HIKMAH)

Assalamua'laikum  and hello peeps

Yesterday Malaysia has been surprised with a sad news
which the airplane of MH 370 is missing out of sudden
The plane is said going to Beijing,China from KLIA,Malaysia
and what a really surprise that the airplane cannot be detected via radar
by the air traffic station something like that
There were about 270++ passengers in that airplane
majority the tourists of China and of course there must be Malaysia people too

Currently, the authorities is conducting the mission of search and rescue
the plane was missing during flies in the territory of Vietnam and in the area of China South Sea

oh god.. i am speechless
indeed even i have no relationship with anyone in the plane,
still this thing give a huge impact to me
that's me who were the public,
how about their family,relatives?
the kids? father? mother? sister? brother ?

only the prayers can we do right now
hopefully there'll be good news very soon
insyaa Allah..

innalillahi wainna ilaahi roji'un..
from Him we come,
to Him we go back.