Friday, 7 March 2014

The dissection of mice gulp!

Assalamua'laikum and hello

well,straight to the point,
today i had biology lab in the early morning
so, we need to conduct a dissection of a mice
so, basically we have to do the practical in pair
a mice per pair
okay got it?
aww the white mice is quite cute and charming
how pity they had to be dead just for the sake of BIOLOGY
ohh soooo sorry okay mr.mice
overall, the practical had been conducted very well and smoothly
(of course there must be nervousness and 'gulp' at first)

p/s: terketaq2 cek mau soyakkan kulit tikuih tuhh
nasib dapat partner yang cool hehe
have a nice barakah Jumaat!
cakap banyak pun tak best
let the picture speak okay..

cik T that me and partner gonna dissect. thin right? maybe insufficient  maize plant haha

jyeahh we made it finally!

a closer snapshot of my cik T. from this we can observed that there have the heart,kidney,lung,small intestine etc

haa this one not my Cik T. It's one of my friend. This mice is a preggy mice, the left part is its babyyyy
damn, so pity bcause her baby have no chance to live.. soooryy !

the baby @ foetus..banyak gituu 

"oh.. kuserahkan jiwa dan ragaku hanya untukmu sayang" haha 

my bold partner yang steady 
well, its a major operation..luckily the op is successful (padahal muka cover kecuakan  hee)

den dah solosai, hang bila lagii?? (konpiuss utara ka  nogori sudah haha)
kecelaruan identiti jap.

it's just a piece of cake lah! keep calm and take a deep breathe while dissection  process
(sebab baunya agak 'harum' )

enough with this thing. First and last hopefully.
(don't come into my dream okay cik T)
indeed i love you so much
however, it's an order :')