Saturday, 15 March 2014

Me and my BFFFFFFFFF (^_^)

Assalamua'laikum and hello guys!!!
(just for the info i am writing this entry from my home sweet home)
hihihihhi (giggle)

okay not funny because tomorrow i have to off to Malacca
yes for good sake

oh my goodness, i really miss the moment to chit chat
with my "BFFFFF"
who else if not my motherrrr
(we just created the BFF term while enjoying our late lunch at Centrepoint)

oh man, we had a lot of conversation
a lot of stories i shared to her
from the day i arrived yesterday
until today
and of course tomorrow
mhehehehe XD

i asked "umi, am i talk to much???"
she innocently replies "non stop hahahha"
okay fine.

and yeah at the Centrepoint, i asked mother something that very important
it is....
*jeng jeng jeng*

" will you approach someone that you love madly?"
(meanwhile listening to my question, she looks at me like assuming something heeee)

well, she still answers to my question haha
"erm..what for i chase for a guy that i love while he doesn't love me at all.Such wasting my time huhh!"
says my mother with full of expression

and she continues.." if he doesn't love me, why must i struggling to get him like i am so desperate. this is nonsense!" Then she's still with her 'assuming eyes' hahahaha

and straight away i interrupt "hey, don't get me wrong okayyhh! hahaha this have nothing to do with me, just asking for your opinion laaa ayang haha" (grinning)

p/s: dear mother,you will never knew how much i heart you honey... till my last breathe i'll love youuu

heaven is below the mother's feet <3

advice to my self

mother made me a very delicious burger just now while watching the update of the missing MH370