Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Berjimba momento wuwuwuwuw

Assalamualaikum.. hey peeps !
ohhh maiii godnesss i am speechless yet felt amazed to have my mommy visiting me on last sunday
yeaapy! gembira tak terkata gituuu
well,almost a month  not see each other
hehh you are just still staying in Malacca lah!
still in MALAYSIA... hahha poyo
okay fine, but who not miss their family when she or he are staying far away from
their beloved ones
so, on that day i made special request to bring me to 'berjimba' at the beach of Tanjung Bidara
just a stone throw away from my college
uh! when talking about beach.. i'll make sure that everything's that should be brought
must be in the bag. yezzzaa!
towel, clothes, sandal, sabun (no idea what in english heeee)
okay got it ?
last but not least, ENJOYYYYYYYYYYY! hahahaha

salam alaik <3

the first time went to the Tanjung Bidara, this time was not had the bath..just take a stroll

i lappp you my laling umi :)