Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ekkkjeng - what's that?

Mee Hong says it meaning in real E.X.A.M

*she'll kill me and blabbering before stab me by using her saliva*

"Do the best and let Allah do the rest."

I whispered to my dear self repeatedly.
Just everyday it took courage and perseverance
to hold on and hang in there
while whole body shivered and wondered - WHAT'S gonna happened if this or that occured?
I submit all to The Most Glorious and The Most Merciful

The freaking last two weeks were so stressful, dead, feeling like gasping man.
It was like
"OMG what was I've learnt all this while for this semester?!"

Heartbeat getting fast like crazy
like bursting BUFFF!
But hey what the hell if I be like that instead of being chill and cool like
"Hey, it's just exam not you going to have a major operation between life and death so nothing big deal right? Relax. Breathe."

Err actually it do between life and death literally right? Look, a student needs to success in his study so that he could secure his desire job and then buy Nissan Skyline GTR  and own a luxury bungalow with perfect fully furnished, huge swimming pool, high-end home theater  -havoc right bahahaha 

Simple. Start from NOW.

Ok back to the story, where were we? LOL.
Nine subjects minus co-curriculum so now there's eight subjects to be revised and go through from A to Z
Yes I repeat from A to Z starting with introduction of theory of communication, introduction of principle communication networking, translate that mixing bilingual of notes for writing for new media blablablablabla

*sigh and fainted*

Not to mention with final editing of report and editing of assignments. I turned zombie, not sleep for the whole day from early night till dawn settling editing solely. Lucky to have my b.a.b.i LOL

Bagiku Awak Begitu Istimewa don't bash me guys.

*creepy I tell chuuuu*

but do I have choices? BIG NO. That's it. There were so much on this thought at the moment.

Frightened. Yeah not me the only one to felt it but them the others that took RA72 program.

Two weeks was so long to finish those crazy three hours for every each examination papers exclude one paper - Public Speaking which was one and half hour duration. That one was once had battle with 80% coursework.

"Kau Rasa?" You think? 

gagagagagagagappppp baq hang 

All in all believe it or not - I did it! Yeah I did it man! OMG all praises to Him, alhamdulillah.
Though lots of things happened a year back than (I even DID NOT want it to happened) yet to see in different point of view or perspective, I survived :)

This won't happened with the blessing and wills of Him truly speaking. And now up to next level and have to see it will never easy to achieve something big unless with great effort and patient and more. The most important part is to maintain, being the top and creme de la creme. 


Ok chill.

oh jassssduuuwiittt! -Nike's wise word :)


Gang public speaking of coz with Mee Hong, Shrul the keyy-L boy, Aiman the local of Perth..lisian, Kama hispter, Leyla oh Leyla, Mai the mak-mak kinda one and  Mek  *wink*
Future of Prof Farid explaining theory thingy (you owe me loads of choc man)
the boys with most famous and hot prof madya aziz satar 
over counting wives bahahahaha *silau*

Us housemates exclude that attention seeker dudes at the back. 
So dramatism 
BM exam day at kubeng gajoh 
ok guys enough with shot now let's step into that freaking hall face with writing for new media

Guys let's hentam kromo ekjeng jap lagi ye set!

Wrong face expression during examination's day

my b.a.b.i so lovely in baju kurung haks