Saturday, 20 February 2016

Appreciate Love

Love manifests itself in different way

though it's all up to us to interpret - L.O.V.E

In my own definition of 'Love' means -pure, beautiful and miracle (just popping out of my mind the moment I am writing this)

Love is subjective as different people might have their own perspective or opinion about love.

There would be a girl that mad in love with 'sugar daddy' ops! (for example)

Or perhaps a girl having affair with a married man and she doesn't care at all though would be the second wife

as long as the man would be by her side 24/7 not to mention had well prepared with a luxury fully furnished condominium and a brand new Nissan Skyline r34 for her.


but for the sake of love - anything for you bayyybeee

so love is in the air going high high and high!

Otherwise there's no the saying of "LOVE IS BLIND" or the lovers are the blind actually?

Point is, love could be in any form and as mentioned before, love manifests itself in different way so what I can say here, appreciate it as you won't never know when you are out of time. We're just borrowed and at the end of time everything will gone. That's for sure peeps.

So cherish the moment right now and appreciate the love by keep spreading the love by spending the time with loved ones this weekend for instance.

Got it?

Mucho love mmmwaahh!