Thursday, 18 February 2016

That Magic Word

A cute teenage girl came in her cuter's lecturer room.

No, not for the discussion thingy either about the all dissatisfaction that be kept in the girl's mind just to waiting the right moment to speak out loud to that cuter lecturer than the girl.

pehe dok ni?

Make it short, the girl entered the room to buy the brand new book of Interpersonal Communication by who?

that writer of course!

So, once the girl settled with the purchasing and ready to step outta the room the cuter lecturer than her said out of the blue


Luckily, the girl fast loading to catch up what was the subject refer to of the saying of that 'congrats'.
She with full of smile on her face with a little pimple due to missing her Queen of da Zadora El Merinque (where is that country actually?)mommy damn so badly cause you know it is still the first week that the girl just started class for semester tu two.

So itu perkara norrrrmal kan kan? Kasi chance ah ye!

Ok we continue the story back again..

Where were we just now? Oh this is because of you mom.

So the girl smiled and felt so high.

Maigad is that can?

Okay we try once again.

So the girl smiled and replied gratefully with the magic word before she leaving the room with

Thank you :)

p/s: you know who is that cute girl right? But that cuter lecturer than the girl? Oh better the girl only knows cause she is super cute than you I bet.

Night world and have a nice day ahead

mucho love

colorful of life as these beautiful of flower make my heart always thinking of you my biyuuutipul mommy that crazy with bunga kembang pukul sploh :)