Tuesday, 2 February 2016

1st Semester Break Baybehh!

Erm erm..I guess it is still not late to wish HAPPY..... NEW YEAR of 2016!

and happy February !


Yeah I know..just after had my semester 1 final exam on 7 Jan last month  oh my god, time really flies fast!
On the 7 Jan I 'ciaw' or make a move to be back in my hometown.

Imagine, all the way from most North region- Perth..lis heading down to East Coast region- Temerloh
be like? 

Seriously, the journey was somehow freaking long! Board on bus 6.45pm and arrived there at about 4.30am
This time, it's pretty special as on the day I arrived was my Queen's birthday for XXth series, find X hehehe.
That's why by hook or by crook, I need to be by her side on the special day just enough with my presence on that day as her birthday present. Simple.

Plus, this time also I am not a lonely traveler as there's new 'bibik' I brought along the freaking long hour journey. Or should called 'bibik with high level of knowledge LOL. (yougotmekiddingManni).
She takes degree program now okay huh and is my dear crazy- in -laughing -like -mad- housemate.

Kau ingat kau cantik sangat HERHHHHH!

Ah I'm so absorbing with this first semester break tell you right!


*thumbs up*

it was like a kind of FREEDOM I tell chuuu woohooo! 

*short term of amnesia version me tehehehe*

The feeling- my goodness, so good to be home to see my beloved mommy that I miss so dearly that we have  not see each other for months wuuuu 

*I'm a mommy's princess and always be her baby girl so just shadddap*

But guess what?
Though, we did fight of course! Like cat and dog you know hahaha
and then get back along together like nothing happened.
Oh mama I love you to the moon and back my darling fatty Queen eheh! 

Salman- yeah it's him that melts my heart every time during this break!
Muhammad Salman Al-Farisi 
is his name living next door of my house.
The product of love from two continents of Malaysia + Morocco
Uhh damn so cute to be true!
Wanna see him? Scroll down my never-fails-to-cheer-me-up-boyfriend :)

Okay, cut the crap and enough with my rambling.

It just WOW and subhanallah and alhamdulillah for all these, no need much expenditure in a super big shopping complex to therapy self as we can opt to other open way to be happy.
HOW? Just get out of the house and get along with the neighbor's kids and forget all the misery and live the life baby! This is seldom we can experience as for me I will never get a chance to play with kids during study  .
No kids to play with is the big issue so this is it man.
Of course I am the big kid here as always
but who cares? uff whatever as long as I know that I WANT TO  BE HAPPY

So guys, I hope more good things happen in your life.

Why not let the photos speak up and do the story for today especially.
Special for dear readers here that I miss and lafffff sooo much mmmmuahhh 
take care and be safe in everywhere you go alright
cause you know..that 'malang tak berbau' (anything can happened) right?

Till next up coming entry zzzzzz

Tuan direktor- "Awak kena into the character even more yeah like I told just now okay paham????"

Nice background scene HAHAHAHA #biggreendustbinandbumpsignboardandtreespluswiththesmallbluechair

Salman: Chase me if you can! #with Ah Kak Su and Auntie 

Mouth and Feet totally same running like popcorn my god this kid!
Ah kak! Look..peace! 

see...persis gaya 'bibik' right? hehehe #janganmarahmaktamno

Oh you can never imagine how to persuade this boyfriend to go home! 

Ahh ahhh sakit ah kak sakit! HAHAHAHAHA 

See! muka tak nak balik dari playground plus muka FREEDOM and satisfaction on the face.