Monday, 15 February 2016

Trendy Jumpsuits

You jump I jump- eh please bear that that this is not about Jack and Rose
So sit properly kay?

Yeah you read it well - trendy jumpsuit would be the entry today. So before further, let me reminisce my sweet childhood memories


Once when I was the cutest kid in the town ops! My beloved Queen of heart 
oh I mean my dear beautiful mommy would dress me up with red dress, jumpsuit, cheongsam etc
plus with sunglass and I was like a princess of Genovia from planet of Zadora.

*please don't ask where on earth is that place coz I don't know swear!) 

A happy fashion victim with her pre-school maths exercise book 
Just pooh my forever fav bear and jumpsuit 
Me, Cheongsam and my hired boyfriend eheh! *Im dead if he knows about me posting this up here sorry dude* 


wait, what on earth is actually I'm rambling on about now?
if you are a lady, then you better finish reading this till end 
cause this is between life and death. Okay, it's just exaggerate perhaps but it's very..very and very important
when it regards us especially- the women.

Okay, chill ladies oh come on. I bet that you guys will become attracted to know about 
okay I give the clue alright?

the letter begins with.. F

err not that word F*ck haha no no ladies and gentlemen..mind the word 

Someone might smack me down so alright alright I'll tell y'all just be breath guys! Or should I give what is F about or otherwise you still be puzzled what the fucking F is about.

F stands for FASHION girls..uh come on! its F.A.S.H.I.O.N !!!  #sleekwhite
Jumpsuit girls, jumpsuit! Okay be honest I have no idea what it is jumpsuit thingy uh whatever but before I know what the things is really, it is best assumed in my head that jumpsuit is something to do with swimming suit. Damn it.

As I grow matured and more beautiful ehem! I have slightly have passion about fashion and here we go to be exact the trendy jumpsuits which appropriate to us- the ladies to at least one in our wardrobe okay! White would be one of nice color as it represents genuine and clean besides reflects the wearer of the day. Can't you see the shine bright oh man I think I suit perfectly in this jumpsuit even if not to the office to the lecture class. Beat you dear beloved beutipul lecturer tehehehe.


This style is called as The Monochrome - okay I just bear of its name. Or maybe we could name our future cutest child in the world -Monochrome? Chill, it's just a two cent suggestion peeps! But hey, this trendy outfit is perfect for a career woman who wants to be looked elegant and sophisticated yet professional.
Remember M.O.N.O.C.H.R.O.M.E okay?
We girls should know this trend to look fashionable bayybehhh coz we women are so worthy

This last one of trendy and stylish of swimming suit jumpsuit that can't get out of my mind now is this one.
I lavvvit I lavvvit the first moment my eyes saw this suit! Maigad it's even more fab if I were the model donning this kinda clothes! I just fall in love oh what happened to me mommy!

If I were a successful career lady...If money just not the barrier and loads as if it are loads as the leaves on the big shady tree if just I am

All in all, appearance is a major thing not only to men but women for sure. So puhhhlease open up our mind including me myself to be up-to-date with latest fashion not so over dress if you get what I mean
Would you just let people cursing all the day of your sloppy and messy dress.

"Look! What an outdated is her dull dress, like a Christmas tree I bet my grandma's taste of fashion way too high than her gosh."

*giggles like devil*

If I were the girl wearing that dull Christmas tree dress, hmm I'll punch their faces and run with full of my heart!

Be passion with fashion and you find therapy and happiness with it :)

Mucho love and goodnight and all the best to myself for first day of semester two tomorrow hahahaha!

Why so serious? No, this is no serious this is smart of Earth Tones with  pure white  blazer