Saturday, 6 February 2016

Finally Met For Real

"Let me tell him about this..." - Queen

while I was so mad in love enjoying the richness of the cream of red velvet

mmmm yummmehh! srrrrp

"No! Please.. he for sure would never recognized me though."

"Never mind." My Queen was out to find him.

I can clearly hear the witty yet talkative of him coming closer to the room.

"God, he's really coming." I murmured just getting ready to meet and greet in real.

And yeahhh he's in here with my Queen with kinda excited face to see who am I that even I myself dunno what my mom had told him about.

He was like oh really? With the cheeky smiling and whatsoever- uh man.

"Uh really? Tak perasan" bla bla bla bla...

"Yessss see...I've told that he would never recognized me that I was one of his Facebook friend all these while." Two in one I uttered to him and my mom.

Ok chill.

So now we've met in real. That's it. Glad to see ya the cheeky witty Doc Adrian! You cool bro.
Wish all the very best in whatever you do especially in the career, hope in future would see you be one of the renowned specialists and perhaps I can conduct an in person interview with you to be featured in any of tv show well who knows right? Ok I talk like a mom already.

Last but not least, cherish every moment in the life to the fullest alright peeps? We CAN do it!

Have a nice weekend annnnd...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2016 to all Chinese!

Mucho lafff <3
Doctor or vogue model chatting in a store room?
Oh man, he can't definitely leaves that stethoscope even during lunch break!

I think he might be a super top model if he joins the modelling - no seriously LOL

High stairs from the left.