Monday, 14 March 2016

It's Now or Never

Translated with verification certs like CRAZY checked.
International passport photo with white background checked.
Passport checked.
Interview succeeded.

NOT going, that's it - the end.

My mom's journey in her career life peeps.

In what field? Oh in nursing. (Curiosity always hit homo sapien I knew.)


So what the hell is she's not going for another place out of her comfort zone? She was really stressful until can't bear enough to wait over here whilst there were folks that easily being offered to that specific post.
Meanwhile, for more than two years she had done with her degree and spent thousands (in cash) to pay the fees. Seems like all those efforts are not worth it gone just like that.


Truly double standard I dare to say.

Here, no more 'come clean' unless you got 'cable' behind the organization- insider.

Yeah when no other things except money and high expectation which is towards seeking appreciation for hard work and privileges is not only le Queen looking for but her colleagues as well. No wonder loads of them went off abroad though leaving the kids and husband with maid.


Think twice, think thrice - NOT going is the best answer.

Money we can find but there's beyond than that that are way more important I supposed.

How come my mommy off to S*!G**RE without me how dare she is to do so yet of course she will must have a visit to the USS! No this must be wrong just if and only I am not staying along with her.

So forget about being living in abroad (Seberang nuh je pun)
Continue life as usual - go working to the hospital as a nurse with the most presentable smiley on face added with positive sense to be spread to patients who seeking cure and therapy not to mention those HO and MO.


Cut it short, out of sudden my Queen has been offered for promotion but............
has to be transferred to out of the state HAHAHAHA! (I actually quite sobs you guys.)
Feel me- I have grown up with the hospital my mom worked for years and tadaaa!

From Pahang flying to Terengganu man. Why not Langkawi or exactly Perlis? Or Kedah or Penang? Why must Terengganu? If just the up most officer was just my close great grandpa- know I how to lobby him then.

Embrace- that's what should we do among above after all. It's never easy to get such this precious chance. Might this is a stepping stone for her to go higher higher and higher and she's done if she dares to forget me- the one that gone wild and insane in contacting my FB-lawyer-friends that I never met in real!
And here you go for this I met them in real at last.

So tomorrow is her new chapter in life as a leader to her own peeps.
I pray and wish that more good things to happened despite all before that my darling Queen has been trough thick and thin. Last week was the week she been pampered they made more than two farewell parties okay!
Not to mention the Docs that fetched her from home to take for dinner consequently!

How amazing her charms that almost everyone treats her with foods~~~~~ I want to be there tooooo!

Emo ops.

You know all this happened just in a blink of an eye!

I am shocked. Despair. Happy. Cheer. Mixed.

All in all, saying goodbye is never the ending if the moment arrive, then we will meet again right?

Soaring upward mommy!!!!

lopas ni belanja pizza kfc nandos Kenny Rogers and my desire novelsssssss!

puhlease. To those who are still waiting for something you are hoping for, trust me the time will come eventually late or fast it would be- just have faith :)

Never lose hope okay?

In short, Big Congratulations from your BIG Die hard FAN,

Anakanda (daughter)

after this aiming for that bold color uniform mom :)

the 'stairs'...urm uneven. The most hottest doc in runway model haks

Some of them, part of the team.

New model...perhaps? In charge of ornaments etc

P/S: Thanks to all on behalf of my beloved Queen. Thanks to Kak Suza for sending photos to me to enhance my envy You guys cool and amazing and uh ya surprising :)

Would really appreciate it and see ya again when I see ya sobs :(

Best of luck in running the clinic in future with fantastic baybeh.