Monday, 3 August 2015

Just before I....

Dear you,


Honestly I've been missing and longing everything about you

Missing of your voice

Missing your jokes

Missing of your laugh

Missing of your smile

Yet not pretty sure if you feel it the same way

of what kind of feeling I had to bear with right now.

Some how there's like emptiness when not hear from you

such everything what I did is not fall into its places.

I have no idea whether you have thrown your dumb or smartphone into your cat's mouth

or you not in purpose have been throwing it into the toilet bowl when you're 'investing'.

Yet even I try to stop from getting in touch with you, but it's still coming to me

you know

yes between us there's nothing relationship but we did knew each other after all

and we perhaps integrating each other in our own way indirectly.

There's no use of getting mad just because of you

though may increase my blood pressure from bad to worse some how.

Just before I pen off,

"call me, I miss your voice."