Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Feel Tensed? read this (big smile)

Assalamua'alaikum and hello everybody!

the last of my post was on 3rd June
and today is 10th June
just in case for your information
just before (especially when i am on a very good mood and feel very happy)
"i am trying my best to write up on this blog on each and every day"
well at least i am trying
not promising

**smile again**

on top of that even i am not updating whatever kind of "my mumble is about"
there is still an increasing of the number of visitors visiting over here
even though not so drastically
but then again at least it do means somebody is reading what i'm mumble here

***okay not funny**

well i bet that all of us have our ups and downs in this life
stress and emotional ---obviously we never can avoid them !
that kind of feeling---being down and feel helpless
all have became one big mess

but hey! 

***take a very deeeeeepp breathe and exhale**

do it again and again

make your mind empty 

keep quiet for awhile

close the eyes

imagine ~ ~ ~ ~ you are surrounded by a very stunning flowers from various kind of them
red roses
white and pure lily
bird chirping sweetly

with the smooth breeze that make you very comfort and tranquil
only focus on yourself

***make sure you really do and follow okay**

well this is what we called THE POWER of IMAGINATION


oh yeahh thanks to those willing to visit here
if possible please feel free to comment
so that i can improve whatever i should
you know just please don't be compromise with me


have a nice day!