Friday, 15 May 2015

Terjebak juga jua


I bet semua orang ada tv kat rumah masing-masing kan

and also astro?

Well, why not turn and watch channel 118 to discover

Ops not wonderland

and not also urghh whatever!

But it is a must watch as if you wanna buy somethings no matter what the things are

tell ya its very interesting and i pun terjebak sama uolss!

Konon tak mahu beli, last-last terbeli juga sebab atas ungkap kata mama i lah ni

ish ish ish

I bought steam Q iron at RM199 including GilaSangatTerlampau (GST)

consider affordable

and just at the finger tip to order, just register at the web and click order.

there's COD means cash on delivery uolss! cool eh!

however it tooks 4days to deliver this good to my house, well depends on the location too.

Plus not only this thing you can buy but a lot of things, just ready the money.

Wonder what i am talking about what?


Ada tv boleh beli hahaha

natang ni lah