Thursday, 3 August 2017

My daisy Wan Zaiton

Now that I have some free time to update here so enjoy reading dear peeps!

(14th July 2017, Friday)

I went along together to accompany Mama Jaz to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for an Annual Grand Meeting regarding tourism thingy at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) to be specific. But before went up to that super busy city, I met my daisy wan (grandmother) at her place. After so long didn’t meet and this soon to be 75-year-old-lovely-woman in the universe was so happy at to see me during the evening just before we head to KL. 

While Mama was busy packing her stuff, wan told me about her swollen feet and I saw them. Both feet were swollen for no reason and only me and wan herself knew about this. We thought it was not that serious, maybe got bitten by some kind of features and insects and would be better by days.

Then I told about it to Mama Jaz when we checked in hotel in KL. She was very surprised cause wan didn’t tell her anything about her swollen feet. Well, I can’t keep it secret when involving my dear daisy wan’s health. Now, we all just have her only after atuk (grandfather) has passed away two years ago. So she’s like gem and everything to us.

When Mama Jaz knew about it, she was pretty worried and if only she can just leave right now and back to Temerloh to make sure that wan is okay. I even told my queen (mom) on the phone cause she was working away from home at the moment and maybe with some sign and symptoms that I mentioned might be helpful to help wan to relieve her swollen feet. Nope my mom is not a doctor but she’s a nurse and my life time doctor and nurse. Sweet uhm?

Mom asked wan to put her feet a little bit higher than normal position during sleep. Can imagine? Okay good! So it did help literally but the swollen feet were still there and the thigh were also got swollen. Weird right?  Mom then just randomly said maybe this was related to heart problem since wan was never did regular check up and she’s healthy all this while so yeah.

By tomorrow, we rushed home and mom asked Mama Jaz to not postpone  to bring wan to hospital instead of clinic. So she sent me home first and brought wan to the hospital. Way earlier mom told mama Jaz to be prepare few stuffs to bring just in case wan will be warded.
Guess what? Yes, wan was admitted.

To be continue…

Wan and me once upon a time