Thursday, 3 August 2017

My Daisy Wan Zaiton 2

(Saturday,16th July 2017)

Cardiac Congestive Failure was what happened to my daisy wan. It was where her heart was so-called suffocated by overload of water in her lung and surprisingly her blood pressure had increased too. That’s why swollen feet and thigh came. Lucky, Mama Jaz act quickly to bring her to the hospital. My mom had also called emergency department (casualty) and asked favor from her ex-colleague to help with wan’s matter. 

I then called Mama Jaz at night just to know how was everything and tell her that I was there any time if she need anything. So, for once in a lifetime wan has to over night at the bed of hospital until she’s very okay and get green light from doctor to discharge.

(Sunday, 17th July 2017)

“I want to see wan please bring me to hospital?” I told Mama Jaz on the phone. She was at the laundry and then I came to ward of Kenanga 14 to visit my daisy wan. Mama Jaz told me that since last night wan didn’t really sleep. She was so busy chatting with fellow folks around the bed that were admitted at the ward. Wan has knew each and every person in that ward. Cool right? That’s my daisy wan. So friendly hahaha!

In just one night can you imagine? She is now knew what that aunt is suffering from and that woman was just came out from ICU and had been transferred to here from last night. I was like..WOWWW
Her such strong spirit made her looked not sick. Meanwhile, I honestly is not ready to lose her for forever. Just not yet, not now please…

There was one of relatives called thru the phone and wan just simply said she will be discharged by today. I looked at Mama Jaz and Mama Jaz just smiled and shake her head no idea with what her mom says. So confident to discharge today huh wan? Even doctor has didn’t say anything. So excited lol.

But it was right. After been checked by one of the doctors and doctor had explained about her condition and wan was permitted to check out by today yahooo! Guess who was the happiest one in the world? Of course la wan she even was so impatient to change clothes and pack everything to go home after doctor has leave within minutes. Seriously!

Once done with packing and changing, wan went to the opposite bed to talk with this one patient that said just came from ICU. That woman looks so weak and pity for her. Wan talked to her and then moved to another bed just to greet them and not enough with that. She had also walked around to the other side of the ward. Such a doctor that do the round I tell you!

In short, we all were so grateful and happy and relived to have wan be fully recovered again. Lucky that Mama Jaz act super quick. It’s better than late. I know, sooner or later the time shall come and we have to accept but God makes wan live longer. I hope wan could see and witness my convocation in few years to come insyaa Allah.

I love you my daisy wan


One of Your sweetest granddaughter,

On the right were happy faces once discharged alhamdulillah