Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's Complicated

Assalamualaikum and hello to all!

it's complicated!!! yes, sometimes and often i  feel like it's too hard for me :(
but i have to stay STRONG for the sake of Allah
never let myself turn down or be sad,never ever
be happy~ (still imagine what my tuition teacher said)
thus, i take a decision to write on this entry
as one step to release the tense maybe

perhaps me myself made 'complicated' and sometimes i feel happy
can i say here as no one know it
let just me and the god know okay
well, know whom i refer this to ? its my mum. But, uh! too complicated

i try to understand her.. i know what i felt if I'm on her shoe that time but PLEASE mum..
let bygone be bygone okay (pity face)
i know you are kind hearted mum and please please i'm begging you that i want back the truly happiness
but what should i do ?
i just have to pass all this to Allah the Almighty.
cause i nearly give up yet still hoping magic will occur for our family

i love all people around me..very much!!

# Sorry for broken english and grammar errors as i am trying to improve my english language ^______^

how lovely they are !

that's all for now. I have to perform zohor prayer.
Till then, bye.