Saturday, 17 June 2017

Exam was Done, Eid is coming

It's already in the last corner of ramadhan of this year. How time flies until we didn't realize it directly or indirectly. Seriously, so fast until it finish this semester for this academic year of 2016/2017.
What is wonderful I managed to go through until sitting the last exam of this semester.

*blow nails*

Indeed, it was so an amazing and exciting experience this time with specially new environments which staying in a other new hostel rather than the same like last one. Living here is so mobilize where we travel from here and there be it attending the class or lecture, tutorial and all.

So it is within 24 hours after I finished my last exam this morning on the barakah Jumaah before going for good for semester break. It's kinda a mixed feeling actually. I don't know how to put into words. It's like i'm gonna miss my routine walking every morning from hostel into main campus area Pauh until Pfi2 (hostel in the main campus) and take the bus from there back to Bumita.
I'm feeling happy well not that happy to be exact but that kind of feeling of freedom to see the view, out of the building and seeing the blue sky, bird chirping like singing songs and etc. Although walking alone, it makes me tranquil to get the fresh air of the evening.

So during this holly month, never did I go for walking like that except this one day which was to draw money from ATM in manufacturing school but sadly and exhaustively the machine was out of money.


This time, I made not that much but few new friends which is nice to get to know to each other. There's this one of my girlfriends who I thought weird in her own way but seems so naive and lonely and did not I expect that we became click and close like now. Maybe chemistry between us is so strong so that we became close and break fast everyday either at her place and nowadays at my place since i'm staying alone. She will brings her own green plate, spoon and knife sometimes to make orange juice.I used to encourage her when she feels down and feeling almost gives up in study because we were just gone through the critical time of facing the finals. It's an overwhelming and crazy and dizzy and everything i tell you!

It's my last day before off to hometown so we spend the time together since she's going back to her country abroad and we might not see each other like we use to do. This has literally makes me a bit sad and i'm acting cool outside but inside, god knows everything. Once done with iftar, we went to mango tree in the main campus checking out for mango to be picked from. Yes, we are craving for kerabu mangga! The three of us including one of her course mate we plucked the mango I guess nothing is left to be taken by others anymore. Others were still not ripe and you should wait baby!

Then. ate kerabu mangga made by her- so yummy!

The night is still on by we went out with this one another friend of us since he made us promise to treat us because we gave him the tips for final exam and notes to study.
It's maybe the last time before this friend going abroad to his hometown that is thousand miles from here for good. He's on the road to final and has finishes all. Good for him.

At first, he treated us pulut mangga and any other foods that we would like to eat. In the meantime, this friend talk talk talk and basically more to story telling that was very totally super funny I SWEAR! He's talented and gifted in story telling and for sure lots of kids even us the young adult is engross to hear him telling his story. The mimic, the use of voice to express, and body language hahaha was super duper hilarious and we would like want more more and more. Feeling also like a daddy bringing two twins outing coz mommy is on night shift wakakaka.

"Tell me if you want to go back. Don't throw the plate to me." Says him which is not finishing with his never ending story board.
One to another and another and we laugh so loud when the part he was doing a 'stand up comedian' in front of his language class. It went like this when he went up on the stage saying (something like this the conversation was)

"Hi you 'gays"" which made people laugh even the teachers themselves.

So when the teacher corrects him to pronounce the word be like

"What did you mean by saying that word?"

"What's the difference ? I think it's the same."

"No it's not! It's the difference of the G-U and G-A. What did you said just now?"

"You GAYS"

Me and my girlfriend burst straight away at the moment didn't care the people surround us anymore!

The conversation went on and on from topic to topic and until we done with it to go home.

Guess what?

We in fact straight away went to Kuala Perlis instead went back just to see the city on the night.
Beautifully sharing of insights that I inspired and got through this journey.
Somehow to push ourselves to continue doing in what we are doing now.

Talk to yourself. Find in your inner self that sometimes being misheard. Check ourselves if we are okay or not? Along the driving, rave musics were turned extra loudly which is we enjoying the night in return as the treat of struggling with exams. He then, treated us ice cream of pisang manis-manis from Mc Donald before went home.

In short, in this area of age people might come and go. It's natural things and normal. The most important is, cherish the moment while it last.

We are just for temporary in this world.

Happy sahur dear readers, sending you all my love :)