Monday, 29 May 2017

Spread Love More

It must feeling bored to just read about the same topic non stop right? So before that hope it is not too late to wish you all Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

Today marked the second day of ramadhan in 2017 and this time celebrating the holly month with fellow universities friends.

Yesterday Sophia who is my Myanmar friend and I went to Giant supermarket. We went with one this kind 'mafia' named Kalafy hahahaha

* I'm automatically laughing to death to reminisce when we were all hear his talking*

All the way he just talked and we listened. How he used to live with his beloved malay foster mom that is fluent in arabic language and the mom then adopted few cats and later on they breed on fuuuuuhhhh! It became like 20 catssss..

*You guys should see his expression like so funneh! XD*

He used to travel back and forth everyday from Kangar to Pauh because of staying with the mom and another arab friend too. So, can't stand with the cats anymore he started slowly moved his stuffs to hostel and then runnnnawayyyy!


*his expression was so hilarious me and Sophia can't help laughing like drunk gals*

Then in Giant we split and Sophia and I we made our way to shop groceries. Theres were so many people to shopping things specially the food because it's the first ramadhan. We shared 1 trolley to put our stuffs and almost 2 hours and more I guess then we were done with shopping.

*Off back to hostel with that man hahaha!*

First day of breaking fast, Sophia made the main course called spiral prego and fresh genuine orange juice. Meanwhile I made the sweet cheesekut from the bottom of my heart.

'Grandma' Alaa was also joined us for breakie and she bought and shared fried mushroom and laksa from bazar ramadhan. We were so blessed to have this holy month and feel the warm of sharing food and love and everything!

As for today, the second of ramadhan Sophia has again proved her talented cooking skill by making dhal soup with corriander, potato salad, fried meat called serunding daging I just cant stop eating man! So scrumptious.

*God knows how yummeh it was!*

Fresh carrot juice were made by me the moon.
And and and yet cheesekut that I made yesterday is still having and I gave one of my housemade tasted. Guess what she said in our housemates group whatsapp ?

"moon buat cheesekut sedap namati"
Meaning my cheesekut was so delicious to death.

My feedback was
"tu letak racun namanya Jah"
That's somewhat so-called putting poison inside it.

Then she said "racun pun racunlah janji sedap cheesekut moon"
I dont care if it's poison as long as it's tasty.

Alhamdulillah. My 'tail' is up hhhhaha! I'm happy to give everyone eats my cooking to be honest as it share my love to them and I know it's cliche but it is true that

Sharing is caring and loving.

My sweet cheesekut crazy by most people lol

Sedap namati katanya

Shopping in Giant

2nd day of ramadhan

1st day breaking fast