Monday, 23 January 2017

TheThing is...

Have you ever had such simple question but very hard to answer? Me included. Sometimes, to be honest I don't know things about me that ones really wants to know that they don't know.

Alright, I am a kind of that is hard to open up my heart to tell what I feel, what I keep deep inside and what so ever. It is because, maybe I don't know how exactly to expressing them though you promise to keep it secret.
Besides, trustworthy issue in which you have to win your trustworthy on me that is super hard.

I am crazy. That I confessed maybe he thought I'm that like to play around and not so serious. Joke in serious conversation I guess. See, gazillion times I try try and try to tell things that you don't know here.

But I have one doubt as my finger is dancing on this keypad. It is how people in a relationship persistant and maintaining their relationship in everyday life?
Howwww man? I couldn't imagine how ones struggling to the core to enrich and give sparks in a relationship. That's why up till now never had I have even one special one in my life.

I think it is about time. Maybe god reserved him for the real time, real place and right moment.
In heart do I whisper

"I take care of my self 
And you do take care of yourself
Right moment we will meet"

In fact, untill today I turn around and look right and left if he has arrived yet. Cause, if not thousand years will I be here right waiting for you.