Monday, 23 January 2017

It's 2k17

Assalamualaikum and hi
Welcome to another year of 2k17 :)

The more I grow up the more I realize that no I ain't gonna have such kind of new year's resolutions which in fact I perhaps or might not able to achieve it successfully. So is better to wake up to everyday with continue doing and keep up with the consistency of good vibes and spirit.

I used to have list of goals when I was on primary school back then. This brand new year, all accesories must be blue. Blue bag, blue pencil box to start a new year. To always remind me and enhance to be motivated in study, I cut those motivational quotes from my favorite magazines Kawan and pasted on wall in bedroom. They just last for few months before we moved to our new home and hell no would I paste them with cellophonetape on new wall!

Since then, the more I grew up I found that what I desire and craving for the most is good food, comfortable home and more loves. Apart from that, having a good health with beloved ones around would be enough to have another brand new year.

There is saying that we don't need to wait for a new year but Monday to start a new day.
Although it was late, not too late to wish everyone a happy new year of 2k17 haha okay 2017.
Many happy return and properous day ahead to all!

Give it sparks!

Love, M.