Wednesday, 7 December 2016

To love and be loved

I was thinking alone
Let the thought go wonder
How easy to give deliver to a baby/babies
But never to raise and to educate them very wel, to have proper example to dear loved ones.
If parents' responsible are just giving birth, feed them food, give clothes they going to be growing up. Easy-peasy if that is it.
But, reality is the duty comes in one whole package which the most important thing is to raise, educate, give right amount of love needed and things like that.
Must be challenging. Then have to give equal love, equal privilages if got siblings. 
What really do makes my heart feels moved is whenever seeing lovely sisters and brothers having that freaking wonderful precious moment among themselves with parents. So heaven feeling I can't put into words though.

Desperate of me like wholly desperate
P/s: Have got the free samples today. I know im an adult baby peace!