Friday, 2 December 2016

Red Velvet Cake by Miss Sparkler

It was a first try honestly
so give me a chance
I use to bake choc cake since it is my favorite  most of the time
cause the steps just pretty easy and I don't know but my tongue really adores it.

This time, here come the mood to give a shot of red velvet once in lifetime.
What differ from choc cake was with additional of cream cheese man!
Yummy slrrrppp ummmhh
However, to mix the ingredients by only using HANDS yes you get it right
with no mixers neither hand or stand I just made it by my hands 
*blow my nails*

So here it goes the result tadaa!!!

I know right it was not that boom boom wow fantastic baby 
but hey don't judge a cake by it's cover !
Actually I don't want to make the top of the cake to look so empty thus I used those remaining pieces and now I realize that people top on it with grated choc bar!
*what a dang* but never mind, at least my talent for art unleashed bit by bit ?

For recipe, I preferably not advice to give cause not sure if the recipe won't turn out well. But if you just wanna try for fun here are they.

Red velvet cake

2 cup of all purposed flour
2 large table spoon of cocoa powder
1 small table spoon of essence vanilla
1 cup of castor sugar 
1 small table spoon of salt
1 small table spoon of soda bicarbonate
1 small table spoon of baking powder
1 egg
1 cup of milk + 2 large table spoon of white vinegar = buttermilk
1 cup of nescafe without sugar
1 small table spoon of red colouring
1/2 of hot water

Cream Cheese frosting

1 packet of 250g Tartura cream cheese
50g of 250g Buttercup
2 large table spoon of white vinegar
1/2 of lemon zest or lime
1 small table spoon of essence vanilla
1 cup of castor sugar/ icing sugar


Mix all the dry ingredients happily hahaha
If you want to sieve those things than it's better to prevent from being lump? 
Okay just whatever you prefer guys.

Next,mix up all that wet ingredients together except for a cup of milk, vinegar to become buttermilk and a cup of nescafe. Left about 5 minutes of buttermilk to react together to build chemistry.

Just add them together with open heart tell you all. Just shoot it I mean no worry to fail. It's okay, come on! Lastly, add all dry and wet things inside one bowl and stir, mix them well by using your hands or mixer alternately. If wanna have a fit and toned muscle you might choose to use hands. *wink*

Then, put the cake in oven for 160 degree celcius for 40 minutes depending on your oven. Otherwise, could you use by steam on stove. 

For cream cheese one, just add those on the list up there and stir so that they mix nicely before keep in fridge for about 5-10 minutes to let it cool so that easy for us to do frosting later. After done frosting let the cake be kept in fridge for a while before have it into your mouth.

To top it off, don't you dare to 'kutuk' my cake okay! Or else you will be cursed be like ugly frog wahahaha! So just shhhhhhhesss.