Monday, 14 December 2015

Rest Well Tunku Abdul Jalil

I may not or even not know you at all
we even didn't for once never face to face in real
the first time I 'knew' you right away my heart had melted 
I've fallen in love in with your soft and beautiful soul that you posses 
the way you speak up
the coolness in you that enhance your charisma 
indeed your humbleness and sense of humor
has really caught my attention to always stalking on your indirectly through one this kind of social media
you were so active in there 
though not only me admire you but all other people as well.

I truly salute how humble and modest you were though you were royal son
until I had expressed to my 'queen' once before
how cool to have someone humble as you as a husband 
if and if only it do happened
or the least what if I have a golden opportunity to meet you in real as a friend just only for once?
you know I love to sink in my own world so yeah 
yet I realized it would kinda impossible to be real 

It was so inspiring of how brave you are to fight for the liver cancer that is you have never wanted for
So there others that experience the same illness as you
but there it is to show how Allah really loves His servants.

He tested you with this kind of illness
liver cancer.

I am so over the moon whenever to see your update photo in the instagram
you look so thin and never-give-up-person 
though you are bearing with intense pain 
still a full smile showed at your face.
No wonder the whole nation really admire and love you so dearly

Last today 
it was a shocking news to hear that you had passed away
due to liver cancer stage four and you were weakening for all these past few months
My heart was like stop from beating for sec when Nina, my housemate said that
you just passed away just now.

At first it was hard and I reluctant to accept the fact that you had gone
or whether it just a rumor solely
It was totally unexpected at all about the news 
indeed it was so hard to believe.

Truth be told
you really had gone.
I speechless
truly speechless indeed

I checked on your instagram and figured out that the genuine account has been deleted
out of the blue
while the news about you had passed away was true and valid.

All was happened in just a blink of eye really
It must be a difficult time for your family and relatives especially to embrace this for sure
you know that I envy of you know?
You have all cousins that really loves and they feel the loss of you
 I admit I cry 
to see how one of your beloved cousin expressed the grief 
I just cannot 
this was truly made me touched.

Johor now has a great lost of a beautiful yet thoughtful prince as you

No matter what it is
this has always comfort me to be embrace and redha

"From Him we come and to Him shall we return"


"Every souls should taste the feel of death"

and I do believe that this is your perfect time to be back to Allah  and He loves you so much so that you don't have to endure the intense pain you bear for all these while anymore.

I believe that you are in a better place over there.

Rest well Almarhum Tunku Abdul Jalil Bin Zarith Sofia